About the Site

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The Personal Injury Education Center of Utah’s Blog is about educating people about personal injury law. It is mostly the work of Daniel S. Garner, who is one of the founding trial lawyers at White and Garner, LLC, but occasionally the blog will have guest authors. Our posts will be dedicated to mostly talking about personal injury issues such as tort reform, class action law suits, multi district litigation, free speech, and the legal system, but on occasion we will use legal reasoning to discuss sports, current events, and popular topics.

What you read here is not legal advice and nothing should be construed as establishing an attorney client relationship. We will do our best to give the most accurate and beneficial information we can.

Any author that writes for the Personal Injury Education Center of Utah write in their capacity as private citizens. The opinions and thoughts are solely of the authors and are not endorsed or approved by our employers.

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You can contact our authors at utahpi.edu@gmail.com.



Comments are moderated. Don’t be a jerk. This is a group blog, different authors have different perspectives and because of that the author will have final say over comment moderation.



One of the strengths of our blog is the ability to bring on different and diverse authors and we would be happy to link to your blog if you link to ours and meet our standards.