Category: Train Accident

Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad

What Happened: Mrs. Palsgraf was standing on a railroad platform after she bought a ticket from Long Island Rail Road. Two men ran to catch a train that was pulling out from the platform. The first man jumped aboard easily but the second man, who was carrying a package, failed to jump aboard the railroad […]

PIP – Personal Injury Protection

The average person lives their life without ever going to court for anything more serious than a traffic ticket. Our lives are filled with ordinary day to day events, such as work, errands like grocery shopping, school, ball games, family cookouts and dinners, and the like. Most of us will never know what it’s like […]

Wrongful Death

At some point in your life, you’ve likely known someone who was injured in an accident, either at work or in traffic.  Accidents are a fact of life, and unfortunately, sometimes accidents result in the death of an individual.  When this happens, Utah law provides for the compensation of dependents and family members.  However, most […]