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Daniel Garner began practicing law at a small boutique firm that focused on criminal defense and civil litigation. After some time with his original firm, Daniel joined the firm of Kipp and Christian. At Kipp and Christian Daniel focused on insurance defense, but he soon realized that he much preferred representing the individual as opposed to being a cog in the insurance company’s machine.


Because of his desire to represent the individual, Daniel left Kipp and Christian and started his own firm Garner Law. After successfully representing individuals for two years on his own, Daniel made the decision to join forces with Gabriel White and create White and Garner, LLC. Both Gabriel and Dan saw a need in the marketplace for a law firm that focused on trial work and that’s what they’ve established with White and Garner, LLC.

They prepare each case as if they are going to trial which make settlement offers from insurance companies come in quicker and in larger amounts.


Daniel Graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a Business Minor. He then went to Texas Tech University School of Law, where he received his J.D. degree.

Daniel also spent his last year of law school as a visiting student at Georgetown University’s Law Center. Daniel participated in both Mock and Moot Court teams as well as being an editor on the Texas Bank Lawyer Journal.

Case History

  • Six Figure settlement involving Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • Six Figure Settlement involving breach of fiduciary duty
  • High Five Figure settlements in cases involving automobile accidents
  • High Five Figure settlements in cases involving dog bites
  • Obtained favorable settlements in cases involving construction defects created by contractors and sub-contractors
  • Five Figure settlement in cases involving slip and fall
  • Five Figure favorable settlement in cases involving property damage